Atlantic Contract Manufacturing offers customers the opportunity to rapidly migrate product designs directly to the production phase. Our team of project managers, engineering support, and technicians will ensure your project is completed on time and with the highest level of quality. Atlantic Contract Manufacturing offers comprehensive project management, including turnkey assembly, material procurement and storage, production scheduling and a just in time delivery program.

why choose atlantic?

more flexibility

capable of responding quickly to different needs

reduced cost

leverage our efficiency and expertise

lower risk

utilize our capital investments for your production

improved time to market

scale from prototype to final design

shortened lead time

quick turnaround in our automated machining facility


CNC Machining

VF-9 CNC Machining Center
Machine Travel X=84" Y=40" Z=30"

Gantry GR 7-12
Machine Travel 7' x 12'

Gantry GR 5-12
Machine Travel 5'x12'

Gantry GR 5-10
Machine Travel 5'x12'


Miller Tig Welder

Miller Wire Feed Mig Welder

Miller Portable Spot Welder


Additional 4000 sq. ft. Assy. Shop

(2) Vacuum Bag Machines

Granite Surface Plates

3 Grade A Granite Plates
at 72" x 120"

1 Grade A Plate
at 72" x 92"

1 Grade A Plate
at 60" x 72"

1 Grade A Plate
at 84" x 180"